A Big Data platform in every city, worldwide.

BDC offers the big data worldwide network, enabling you to spin up and easily scale your business and solution, no matter where you and your customers are coming from !

New York / New Jersey

Miami, Florida

Chicago, Illinois

Dallas, Texas

Seattle, Washington

Los Angeles, California

Silicon Valley, California

Atlanta, Georgia

(EU) Paris, France

(EU) Frankfurt, DE

(EU) Amsterdam, NL

(EU) London, UK

(Asia) Tokyo, Japan

(AU) Sydney, Australia

High Availability And Performance

10 Gigabit Redundant Network

BDC offers a quality low latency experience by utilizing only premium carriers in all of our locations.

100% SSD Storage

Combine 100% SSD storage with our low latency worldwide network to deploy Data Store with similar or greater performance than legacy bare-metal at significantly lower cost!

Localized Peering

The BDC Big Data team continuously optimizes our routing and peering agreements in all of our regions in order to ensure your data store experience a low latency and high performance network, regardless of where they are deployed!

Ultra Fast Intel Cores

BDC utilizes latest gen 100% Intel CPUs and never over provisions them. You can count on consistent CPU performance at all times, in ALL of our datacenters.

Low Latency in a Location Near You

With BDC, you can spin up a high performance data store with SSD storage in 14 cities around the globe. You can develop on the one closest to you and deploy on the ones closest to your customers. With 14 locations our high performance Data Store servers are great for analystic too!

14 Low Latency Locations

As soon as your order is placed, our deployment system takes over and spins up your data store instance in your desired datacenter - typically within 60 seconds.

BDC Big Data Computing Features

Ability to store and quickly process huge amounts of data.

With data volumes and varieties constantly increasing, especially from social media and the Internet of Things (IoT), that's a key consideration.

Computing power

BDC's distributed computing model processes big data fast. The more computing nodes you use, the more processing power you have.

Fault tolerance

Data and application processing are protected against hardware failure. If a data node goes down, jobs are automatically redirected to other nodes to make sure the distributed computing does not fail. Multiple copies of all data are stored automatically.


Unlike traditional relational databases, you don’t have to preprocess data before storing it. You can store as much data as you want and decide how to use it later. That includes unstructured data like text, images and videos.

Low cost

BDC optimized cost be very low price with the open-source framework and uses commodity hardware to store large quantities of data.


You can easily grow your system to handle more data simply by BDC's auto-scaling nodes. With no administration is required.

Real Time

You can process application, web data and analytic data with real time database such as HBase, MongoDb and Casandra.

BDC BigData Analytics Features

What is big data analytics?

Big data analytics is the process of examining big data to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations and other useful information that can be used to make better decisions. With big data analytics, data scientists and others can analyze huge volumes of data that conventional analytics and business intelligence solutions can't touch. Consider that your organization could accumulate (if it hasn't already) billions of rows of data with hundreds of millions of data combinations in multiple data stores and abundant formats. High-performance analytics is necessary to process that much data in order to figure out what's important and what isn't. Enter big data analytics.

Big Data Analytics

Big data is now a reality: The volume, variety and velocity of data coming into your organization continue to reach unprecedented levels. This phenomenal growth means that not only must you understand big data in order to decipher the information that truly counts, but you also must understand the possibilities of big data analytics.

Visual analysis

Powerful analytical tools—at your fingertips. Filter data dynamically, split trends across different categories or run an in-depth cohort analysis. Double-click geographic fields to put data on an interactive map. All without writing a single line of code.

Best practices built in

You get the benefit of years of research on the best ways to represent data, built right into your workflow. Optimized color schemes, automatic chart types and elegant design. Communicate insight in the most effective way, automatically.

Deep statistics

Go deeper into your data with new calculations on existing data. Drag reference lines and forecasts, build box plots and see statistical summaries of your data. Experiment with trend analyses, regressions, correlations, and much more. PhD not required.sum.

Data engine

When you want to take data offline or bring it in-memory, Tableau’s Data Engine lets you extract data for ad hoc analysis of massive data in seconds. It combines advances in database and computer graphics technology to make even huge datasets possible to analyze on a laptop or mobile device.

Metadata management

Make better sense of your available data—quickly and easily. Rename fields and modify number formats. Split your data into multiple fields or combine fields into groups. Create subsets of your data by simply selecting groups of points. Use those sets to filter other views. Now it’s easy for you to make your data understandable to everyone.


Beautiful, interactive maps are key to understanding place. Double-click geographic fields to put data on a map. Pan, zoom, filter or search to focus on your insights. And with detailed map data worldwide, you can answer questions whether you are working with Australian postcodes or Brazilian municipalities.