About Us


Why BDC ?

BDC’s mission is to deliver exceptional service to every customer, in every interaction, with no exceptions. From our expert support team to the carefully-engineered 100% uptime reliability of our network to our highly automated hosting platform, BDC is designed to over-deliver on customer expectations every time.


Our Technology

BDC has invested in state-of-the-art data centers, the highest performing tier 1 bandwidth, a one-of-a-kind automation platform, the highest performing (and most reliable) networking architectures, and the most trusted hardware platforms. Most importantly, we’ve architected our automated platform to enable industry-leading deployment and cost effectiveness that we pass onto our customers.

Today, BDC is the home of high-quality cloud, managed, and patented On-Demand Big Data Hosting services, all offered at a great price with an exceptional customer experience. We want to help you grow in a way that makes sense for you and your company’s needs. We specialize in crafting comprehensive solutions so that you can effectively manage your costs while maintaining and growing your infrastructure with little to no hassle.


Our Data Centers & Services

All of our data centers were designed to ensure maximum uptime with the highest performance, best security, and fastest scalability. Our data centers are 10 Gigabit with fully redundant network architecture, and a 24/7/365 network operations staff on site.

Customer experience is the true differentiator in the hosting industry, which is why we provide a world-class customer experience in every interaction. Whatever your need or concern, we take pride in addressing quickly and accurately. Our response times on chat and phone are less than one minute, and less than 20 minutes via our ticketing help desk.